M V Tuhoe disposal: Jim Dalley, The Lyttelton Harbourmaster has advised that the remains  of the M V Tuhoe will be burnt on Monday on the site of its' grounding.  The gates open at 6am and a Maori ceremony will be held at 6.15am and the fire lit at 6.30am. If you wish to attend, access is via Spencer Park, a 4wd is needed! It is suggested that should you wish to attend you meet at the gate.10 October 2015

M V Tuhoe ending: The deconstruction of the ship is presently underway with parts being cut up for removal. Retention of the two masts and the wheel house along with an engine are memorabillia that hopefully  can be utiised to set up a memorium site in Kaiapoi at some stage in the future..30 September 2015 

 Update on M V Tuhoe: On the last leg of its journey from Lyttelton to Kaiapoi on Sunday 27 September at the sand bar, where the Waimakariri River  mouth meets the sea the ship ran a ground. The M V Tuhoe at Lyttelton, had had more than $200,000 spent on repairs to bring it up to standard for sea and water worthiness, so that it could continue with providing cruises for passengers along the Kaiapoi river. The damage that the ship has suffered is deemed to be uneconomic to repair and unfortunately it cannot be salvaged as a vessel in its entirety. The situation is constantly under survelliance to asses the best possible way to retrieve or remove the ship from its current position. A very sad ending to the icon of Kaiapoi, especially when in just a few years it was to celebrate its centenary of 100 years in existence.  29 September 2015